Common Future

Non-profit organization from Bulgaria

Late night interview with Vlasta Popic in Bulgaria

Magi from Common Future in a late night conversation with the band Vlasta Popic /Croatia/.

Маги от Общо Бъдеще в среднощен разговор с хърватската група Vlasta Popic.

– hey, hey, hey, late night interview…

– Dobra Vecher.

– You are Vlasta Popic…Describe your music.

– It’s us.

– … my last name means a little stick, like a magical one.

– So you are Ivan The Stick…

– … we all prefer crab…

– … it’s so interesting, you play a lot with words.

– Yeah, we play with everything… I really put some effort into these translations, you should check it out.

– … because communication is basically the thing that conects people… We actually have a song about that..

– … something similar to Plovdiv…

– At home they ask us: “how do you play in Europe and in other countries that can’t understand Croatian?”.

– We say: “Simply we just play!”. It works, It never failed because of the language.

– Music transcends languages.


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